what is Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy®?

This modality is based on the trainings of Dr. Rosita Arvigo and her teacher, Don Elijio Panti.  His work as a shaman and herbalist in Central America inspired Dr. Arvigo, a Napropath, to expand the ancient techniques of the Maya that he shared with her.  These external non-invasive techniques help realign organs that have shifted, open the diaphragm, rebalance the uterus and sacrum, and increase the circulation of lymph, blood, nerve reception, and chi within the body.  

Both men and woman can see amazing results from this powerful work.  Prolapse, hernias, pelvic pain, incontinence, infertility, prostate pain/swelling, chronic low back pain, and various other issues of the abdomen and pelvis can be addressed.  Since the techniques increase the flow of vital fluids throughout the body, they also aid the body in reaching a better state of homeostasis.

Andrea received her professional training in Belize, in March of 2016.  It was there that she first met Rosita Arvigo, who joined the class to do an herbal walk through the jungle.  She feels lucky to have seen Dr. Arvigo explain the various remedies used under the umbrella of Arvigo Therapy, as well as demonstrate the massage protocol in person. Andrea is inspired to share this healing knowledge of the Maya with as many people as she can.


For scheduling, please contact Andrea directly at 503.449.3435