pregnancy massage

Andrea has always felt that pregnancy is the strongest and sweetest time in a woman's life.  It is an amazing experience to watch a woman move through the various stages of her pregnancy and see how her body changes to support the child growing within her.  Every woman experiences each pregnancy differently.   Andrea feels as if those 9 1/2 months should always be a time to honor that particular woman's individual experience, her sense of power, strength and creativity.  Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful way to do just that.

Pregnancy Massage is a specialized treatment for expectant mothers.  It is especially helpful in dealing with pain, tension, edema and decreased circulation associated with the changes a mother's body goes through during each trimester.  Body pillows are incorporated to help with side-lying positions as women move into their 2nd and 3rd trimesters and can no longer lie on their bellies.  All acupressure and trigger points contraindicated for pregnancy are avoided.

Most women find that Pregnancy Massage is a helpful physical and emotional aid in prenatal care.  Andrea is grateful to be able to use her massage skills to help support women and their bodies through the experience of pregnancy.


For scheduling, please contact Andrea directly at 503.449.3435