craniosacral therapy

Andrea's interest in Craniosacral Therapy (CST) began while at massage school.  CST is a gentle hands-on therapy that uses the rhythm of the craniosacral fluid (better known as cerebrospinal fluid) to find restrictions and imbalances within the body.  By applying light pressure, approximately the weight of a nickel, those areas of imbalance can be addressed, supported and released at the body's own personal pace.  Releasing restrictions and trauma within the membranes and tissues surrounding the brain and spine is deeply relaxing and may help improve central nervous system function, contributing to whole body health.

Somatoemotional Release (SER) delves deeper into the process and helps the body release residual effects of trauma.  Those traumas can be physical as well as emotional and/or spiritual traumas.  Andrea has extensive training in both Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release.  This helps her to relieve her client's pain and a wide range of dysfunctions by working with their body's innate capacity and desire to heal.

CST/SER can be helpful modalities used on both adults and children for headaches, chronic pain, TMJ dysfunction, birth traumas, colic, PTSD, autism, scoliosis, motor coordination, CNS disorders and various other issues.  CST works particularly well for newborns.  Their bodies are going through an infinite number of changes at a rapid rate, and this work can help ease them through the growth transitions as well as release any residual restrictions from gestation or the birthing process.


For scheduling, please contact Andrea directly at 503.449.3435