For years I have searched for solutions to my health problems.  I had a host of problems that I could not get properly diagnosed and/or treated.  Over the past fifteen years, I have been diagnosed with candida, amenorrhea, premature ovarian failure, Subclinical Hypothyroidism and lactose intolerance.  I found only temporary relief in the prescriptions, supplements and eating changes other doctors prescribed.

Diagnosed with candida in my early twenties, I am careful with what I eat.  Even though I followed the advice of eating whole grains, eating yogurt, and staying away from soda and sweets, I could not understand why I continued to suffer with the slow creep of weight gain.  Each diagnosis would leave me hopeful that I finally found the problem, only to be disappointed with the lack of results.  With Subclinical Hypothyroidism, I went on Cytomel.  With Premature Ovarian Failure, I simply accepted the diagnosis believing there was nothing that I could do.  Once lactose intolerant, I avoided milk products and switched to soy.  Still the weight persisted along with fatigue, brain fog, acne and a host of other problems.

After many years of seeking and following the advice of too many health providers to count, I turned to the internet researching my symptoms and trying to heal myself with little success.  A friend told me about Dr. Jennifer O’Leary.  At my wits end, I made an appointment.  Dr. Jenn listened to my concerns and was able to put the pieces together.  I learned that I was gluten intolerant, my hormones were out of balance, and I was Hypothyroid.  What I really appreciate about Dr. Jenn is that she didn’t just tell me what to do, but why.  She has a gift of being able to educate her patients, therefore empowering them with the knowledge they need to get better.

Dr. Jenn does not sell me hundreds of dollars in supplements and load me up with a dozen pills to take three times a day.  In fact, when I brought in the bag of supplements I was taking, she pointed out the ones I did not need.  Since none of the name brand thyroid medicines had helped me in the past, Dr. Jenn worked with a compounding pharmacy to get the dosage just right for me.  Cutting out gluten from my diet was a scary prospect, but because Dr. Jenn has walked the road of food intolerance herself she was able to advise me on what to buy and where to find Gluten Free foods.

Since seeing Dr. Jenn I’ve started to lose weight, my concentration has improved, and my acne is gone.  Her encouragement and support have helped me get on the road to better health.     Wendy