I first started seeing Dr. O'Leary because I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2007.  My physician had left me feeling alone with no specific advise other than the general recommendation to watch what I eat and exercise more.  It felt like the message was "You can take insulin when you become a true diabetic."  In addition, I had a history of chronic sinus infections and had to take antibiotics and other medications for them once or twice a year.  Frustrated by the mainstream care and advise for these issues, I sought out alternatives and thankfully I found Jennifer O'Leary, ND.   I was immediately impressed with her kind intelligence, confidence and straight forwardness.  She had a plan for me right away and communicated very clearly to me what I needed to do.   I was on a path to excellent health.  After making some simple changes in my diet, a gradual increase in exercise that was doable for me, and some herbal and homeopathic supplements my blood sugar returned to normal and is still well within normal ranges.  I started using a neti pot and no longer get sinus infections.   She was also willing to work with me and my insurance company and was very reasonable in her fees.  I discontinued seeing Dr. O'Leary, and I felt a renewed confidence in myself to maintain my good health.
In the spring of 2012 I started having health issues related to menopause.  I was steadily gaining weight, had mood swings, low libido and general crankiness.  My husband, who is a registered nurse asked me why I wasn't seeing Dr. O'Leary anymore!  Since I have been seeing her again, she has discovered that I have hypothyroidism and very low vitamin D levels along with menopause.  I am feeling so much better after being "treated" for these problems.  My family is also benefiting from me seeing her.  I share with them healthy smoothies, that they actually like (recipes from Jenn), and both of my children have recently been tested for possible food allergies.  I feel proud of myself for being proactive and in control of my own health.  Dr. Jenn is an excellent communicator, highly informed on the latest in natural medicine, and I completely trust her with my health.  I think her patients refer to her as Dr. Jenn because she is has qualities more akin to a friend than a typical physician.  She's not typical!  She's extraordinary.  Dr. Jenn takes the time to listen and teaches you skills on how to heal yourself.  Dr. Jenn has been a true blessing to me and my family.    Sarah