I started seeing Dr. Jenn 3 years ago.  Up to that point, I had been to five different doctors trying to find someone who would REALLY LISTEN TO ME.....and hear what I had to say.  I had all but lost hope to find someone that could help me. I had rashes, mood swings, weight issues, and many other issues that are too many to list at my age.  Dr. Jenn listened to me, heard me, and treated me with respect.  She told me what she thought was going on, ordered some testing, which I did with amazing speed as she was the first doctor to offer hope and answers.  And in the end...she did have ALL the answers I needed!  I am here today, three years later, a healthier, happier woman due to Dr. Jenn and her wonderful knowledge and kind heart. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for answers, and someone to help them with a happier and healthier life.

Dr. Jenn recommended Andrea's craniosacral work for me about a year ago.  She thought it may help me with some of the stress and knee issues I had been having.  Andrea's work in her field is outstanding!  I always come away feeling much better than when I went in.  I highly recommend her services for anyone wishing to reduce major stress or body pain issues.  She is amazing at what she does.

I truly believe in both of these ladies!!  They are amazing women!!  I will continue to recommend them to my friends and family.     Cathy