I have been to a number of massage therapists over the years and once I found Andrea, I never left.  I have been very much impressed by Andrea’s ability to literally read my mind and body!  There are really no words to describe how in tune your whole body will feel after Andrea works on you. Her strength is amazing.  I am always grateful to Andrea for how well she takes care of “me”.  I have been seeing Andrea now for the past 2 years, I have a standing monthly appointment with her and I come in more often when possible!     Mary Kay

Thanks to Dr. O'Leary I am going to be a first time mom.  When I was in my mid-twenties I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, an endocrine disorder that caused hormone imbalance and left me nearly infertile.  At age 27, I was told by a reproductive specialist that I had a 1% chance of achieving pregnancy on my own, and a 14% chance with medical intervention.  My husband and I immediately began trying to conceive and in the course of 7 months I endured an artificial insemination, multiple rounds of fertility treatments, and suffered two miscarriages.  I was worn out and couldn't do it anymore. READ MORE...

I first sought treatment from Andrea for Deep Tissue massage to help relive back pain I was having during my pregnancy.  Andrea was incredibly skilled and thorough in her massage.  Her expertise and passion made for an amazing massage experience, and I have been seeing her for 7 years since then.  Andrea has seen me through 2 more pregnancies.  She has been instrumental in helping me relieve and reduce migraines, and she has begun to use Craniosacral Therapy for this.  With Andrea, I always know I'll receive a caring, skilled, high-quality session.     Michelle

For years I have searched for solutions to my health problems.  I had a host of problems that I could not get properly diagnosed and/or treated.  Over the past fifteen years, I have been diagnosed with candida, amenorrhea, premature ovarian failure, Subclinical Hypothyroidism and lactose intolerance.  I found only temporary relief in the prescriptions, supplements and eating changes other doctors prescribed.  READ MORE...

I've been seeing Andrea for a few years now on a monthly basis and it's become a vital element in my well being.  Sometimes it's a simple tune-up, but sometimes it's a necessary aid in recovery from intense physical activity (i.e. a week of fishing in Alaska).  Andrea does a thorough inquiry into my condition and creates a treatment tailored to my needs that month.  Thanks Andrea.     Tom

Andrea is the best ever!  She is able to find every tight muscle in your body and loosen it up, eliminating your discomfort.  A gem!     Pam

Towards the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 I was seeing Dr. O'Leary for infertility issues.  Dr. O'Leary provided me with supplements, among other things, to help increase my chances of conceiving.  She also showed me how to do the temperature method to determine when I was ovulating.  I got pregnant in March of 2009 and had a beautiful baby girl, Esther Hope, born December 31st 2009.     Andrea

Just like to say that both women are extremely generous.  You feel at home when you come in to the office.  Friendly and warm atmosphere.     Jil

I have been going to Andrea for massage therapy for over ten years.  She has seen me during all kinds of life transitions, like injuries, chronic pain, two pregnancies, and just plain old aches and strains.  She has been using different techniques to suit  my needs.  Just recently I decided I was a kid again and went sledding.  Well, I ended up wrecking more than the sled.  Two sessions with Andrea, and I was as good as new.  I look forward to seeing her every month.  Andrea has also helped my daughter Ciara.  Ciara is a six year old that went to Andrea for help with vestibular disorders.  Ciara has had balance issues from birth and Andrea used Craniosacral Therapy to help balance her, make her more body aware, and gain some regulation of her own body.  I know that if something new comes up for Ciara, Andrea will be there to help.     Gina

I have had health problems for 20 years.  Some of them quite severe.  Multiple surgeries and many wrong diagnoses led to complications.  After 2 visits with Dr. O'Leary, she saw my lab work and noticed what every other doctor failed to.  My symptoms did not match the numbers.  She investigated and found out the truth.  We can now treat the real problems, and I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel and hope for a better future.  There is no praise high enough for this amazing woman.     Peggy Sue

Andrea is simply amazing!  I have been getting massages for 20 some years, and she is one of the best I have found.  She is intuitive and caring.  I always leave feeling great, like a better version of myself.     Pinkiy

I started seeing Dr. Jenn 3 years ago.  Up to that point, I had been to five different doctors trying to find someone who would REALLY LISTEN TO ME.....and hear what I had to say.  I had all but lost hope to find someone that could help me. I had rashes, mood swings, weight issues, and many other issues that are too many to list at my age. READ MORE...

I've had many massages over the years, and Andrea is the only massage therapist I will go to.  I've been seeing her monthly for over five years.  She finds all my tight spots (and some I don't know about) and works them out methodically and completely.  I see her for deep tissue and therapeutic massage which for me is super relaxing.  She has helped me with a frozen shoulder, tight leg muscles from running, and a sore lower back.  I never hesitate to recommend Andrea to my friends.     Donna

My husband and I are so thankful for Dr. Oleary!  She has been a God send to us.  Before seeing her, I was told that I have irritable bowel syndrome and suffered from major digestive issues.  She helped me to see that the real issue was an allergy to gluten and milk.  Since then I have been free to enjoy life without digestive issues.  She is helping my husband heal his eczema prone skin.  Recently, she helped me to get pregnant, and I now have a beautiful two month old.  She is currently helping me to balance my hormones after childbirth.  The other doctors I have gone to have only given me drugs to cover symptoms, but they have all had side effects.  Dr. O'leary has helped me to find the causes to the health problems that I have had.  I have never had a doctor who felt like a friend.  She has taught me how to care for myself with nutrition, positive coping skills, and supplements.  She is doing work that is truly helping people to live fuller and happier lives.     Ryn

I've been receiving monthly massages from Andrea for the past several years & would recommend her to anyone.  I believe massage is a valuable tool in maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle.  Andrea's expertise in massage therapy has helped me be able to keep up the active lifestyle I so enjoy.  Thanks Andrea!     Neal

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes in 2007.  My physician had left me feeling alone with no specific advise other than the general recommendation to watch what I eat and exercise more.  It felt like the message was "You can take insulin when you become a true diabetic."  In addition, I had a history of chronic sinus infections and had to take antibiotics and other medications for them once or twice a year.  Frustrated by the mainstream care and advise for these issues, I sought out alternatives and thankfully I found Jennifer O'Leary, NDREAD MORE...